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Where To Go In Brighton | Day 2

Well hey guys, it's me again. I'm posting a bit more on the here and currently I'm looooooooving it. I hope you all are too, and I would like to assume you are because last week's blog post has rocketed! If you haven't seen it, then simply click here, it's funnily enough quite related to this post - I talk about everything we got up too on our first day in Brighton. (It was a lot, a lot, of fun by the way - so I recommend giving it a read, but don't forget to come back to this one !!) 
However, our next day in Brighton, consisted of breakfast, donuts, choocywoccydoodah, and mini golf. I know, there was a lot of food.

Red Roaster We decided to hit up a place called Red Roaster Coffee Co. It's located behind the Brighton aquarium, just down one of the lanes. It doesn't look as good from the outside as it does within the restaurant, but within, the place is so visually pleasing !! If you are a good ol' lover of an insta worthy post, then you need …

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